You’re always welcome, Come as you are!
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“We are a community that seeks, expects and experiences the Kingdom of God by growing in relationship with Him and others”

Welcome to Prairie Vineyard we are glad you dropped by!

We are glad you could drop by and are hoping that you enjoy your visit on this web page. Prairie Vineyard is a small church located in the heart of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

If you are looking for a place to be real, get involved and grow, you are welcome to Prairie Vineyard.

Write or call at any time and we will be glad to answer any questions you have, or if there is anyway we can pray for you or encourage you in your walk with God. We are looking forward to meeting you!


If you're dropping by for the first time,  know that  you are always welcome.

We hope during your time with us that you experience some of the realness of God's love for you!


We start at 10:30, so if you would like to drop by fell free to just come as you are.

There is no set dress code and people dress pretty casual wearing whatever is comfortable for them.


Generally speaking this is the way it goes, we do have surprises however and things can change from the "norm".



For the first ½ hour to 35 minutes we usually worship God with music and physical expression. There is room at the front and rear of the building for dance or other expressions, so feel free to enter in.


Coffee Break

Soon after worship, we usually take about 10 minutes and have a coffee break together. This is a good time to meet people and catch up with friends.


Teaching Time

There is about a ½ hour of teaching and sometimes other stuff, like what God has been doing in people's lives, communion, maybe even more worship.


Usually at the end of the service, there will be time to receive prayer.



We love people

Visiting a church can be awkward and intimidating. At Prairie Vineyard we understand all that and there are no expectations for anyone to meet. A simple way to put is come as you are; you’ll be loved.


We're real

We don’t pretend to be a a level that is greater than anyone else.


God is real

We often encounter God when we meet together to worship Him.


God loves people

By beginning to understand His love sets our lives free.

First Visit ?

Bill Galston - one of the leaders


Why visit?

Prairie Vineyard
107 Duke Ave.
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Canada    R1N 0S5

Phone 204-857-3839
Free Wi Fi on site.
Meeting Times Sundays at 10:00 AM